We are Tamara, We produce with care
As Tamara Textile, we attach great importance to the issue of sustainability, which is on the agenda of the whole world.
As Tamara Textile, we do not see our production power as our sole responsibility. We know that the environmental and human dimension is much more important than our production. Motivated with this sensitivity, we try to reduce our negative impact on the environment by following the developments in the world and using methods that will ensure maximum benefits to the environment and human health. We design and produce collections suitable for nature and human health for our customers to this end by carrying out research and development activities on fabrics made of organic, recycled or recyclable fibers.

Along with the GOTS and RCS processing chain we are involved in, we are inspected and certified annually by independent third-party certification bodies. As Tamara Textile, we produce organic and recycled products demanded by our customers fortified with these documents with our own license number.
We are aware of our responsibility towards our stakeholders in ecological and social terms in all our activities. At the same time, by being included in the BCI system and ensuring that the amount of BetterCotton we use is tracked through the international system in line with the demands of our customers, we contribute to the production of ecological cotton and thus support the farmer.

It goes without saying that we also attach great importance to Social Compliance criteria while carrying out our activities. We undergo annual Sedex and BSCI inspections by independent audit firms to this end. The results of these audits determine the targets we set for all our employees to fulfill our responsibilities and follow the developments. As Tamara Textile, we value our employees at every stage and deliver working conditions in line with international standards.
We attach particular importance to women's participation in the workforce and increasing the current situation as well as to our anti-discrimination policies and not employing child labor in Turkey. We hold employee representative meetings regularly to discuss the problems and demands of our employees and put the necessary arrangements into practice together.

We also carry out Occupational Health and Safety studies meticulously. We provide regular training to our employees, anticipate all risks that could jeopardize employee health and safety, and take necessary precautions.
We view our responsibilities towards the environment as an important part of our mission. We implement waste management policies in our production areas and offices to leave a more livable world to future generations.

We organize trainings on reducing carbon footprint and acting more consciously in water and energy consumption to increase the awareness of our employees about the environment. At the same time, we use energy-saving equipment to reduce our carbon footprint within our company as well as consumption control in water and energy consumption.
Quality Certificates
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