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06 June 2021
What is the OrganicTextile Standard? GOTS Certified Products

About Using Organic Cotton

The most important raw material in the textile industry is cotton. Cotton clothes are the most preferred products in our daily life. The reason for this is that they are both comfortable and healthier. Organic cotton is the cotton that can be grown in Turkey, India, China and some parts of the USA, that is not genetically modified and has been grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals. The trend towards organic cotton has been increasing all over the world in recent years in line with the demand of the market. The organicity of the products produced by a company is approved with a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard guarantees that organic production is implemented throughout the process from the harvest of the raw material used in the textile industry to the labeling of the product.

As Tamara Textile, we attach great importance to using these special organic and sustainable materials in our products. Therefore, any product produced by Tamara Tekstil that comes into contact with our body does not jeopardize our health. This special cotton, which is grown without the use of permanent pesticides and fertilizers, is offered to the consumer with the assurance of certified organic cotton in all textile products of the company. At the same time, this type of cotton is not irrigated with waste water but with clean natural water in the production area. Genetic engineering and radiation applications are not applied on this cotton. These are the features that make cotton organic.


 What is the OrganicTextile Standard?

The internationally recognized organic textile standard is called the organic textile Standard, GOTS for short. This standard gives confidence to the consumer. It guarantees that the product is organic from the harvesting process to the labeling of the raw materials used in clothing. The aforementioned standard level informs that a major proportion of the textile product is made of natural fiber, such as 70%. The standard guarantees that the organic process is implemented in all the stages of processing, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, purchasing, selling and distribution of the product and that the product is produced organically without mixing different fiber contents. Every product produced by Tamara Textile, which attaches importance to this standard, has GOTS labeling. 


 What are GOTS Certified Products?

As Tamara Textile, we are diligent about choosing fabrics to produce GOTS labeled products with the innovative and organic perspective we have brought to the textile industry with our expert staff. We bring diversity to textile products with our hundreds of different sophisticated fabric options.

At Tamara Textile, we produce women's, men's, plus size and children's clothing. We process, produce and market every product in the field for women, men and children, consisting of blouses, dresses, trousers, t-shirts, skirts, sweatshirts, in accordance with the organic textile standard.


About Products With Organic Cotton

Fabric types obtained by weaving naturally produced yarns such as cotton, wool, linen, silk are among the most preferred fabric types when shopping for clothing. Among these fabric types, cotton fabric is the apple of the eye of the textile industry.

Cotton, which is a vegetable fiber type, has been used with a high fiber ratio from past to present. The key feature at this stage is how this raw material is grown. There are many provinces in our country where cotton is grown. At the same time, organic cotton-containing fabrics can be purchased from countries such as India and the USA, if so desired.

Tamara Textile uses the wealth of our country in this area and exports organic textiles. Turkey competes with the USA and India in the organic cultivation of raw materials used in textiles.


 Why Should Organic Textile Products Be Preferred?

- The products do not harm the environment. They are processed by preserving natural resources.

- Chemical-containing substances are not used in the processing and production of the products, therefore they are health-friendly.

- They prevent the formation of skin diseases such as allergies and cancer.

- Using products manufactured from organic fabrics for babies is especially beneficial because of their sensitive skin.

- Organic clothes do not deteriorate immediately after washing. They are long lasting and more durable. Organic  fabric is not likely to deteriorate or lose color.

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