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06 July 2021
Which Fabric enables the Corona virus to Survive Longer?


The measures to be taken against the corona virus, which has affected the whole world in recent years, are also increasing. De Montfort University conducted a study on fabrics that enabled the corona virus to survive the longest. Does the corona virus choose fabrics? Which fabrics should be preferred? How will the corona virus affect the textile industry? You can find the answers to your questions in the rest of the article.

The Life of the Corona virus in Clothes

The life expectancy of the corona virus, which continues to survive for a certain period of time on every item it comes into contact with, also varies in clothes. The study conducted by De Montfort University on how long the Corona virus survived in fabric types revealed that the longest survival incurred in Polyester fabrics. This study shows that the clothes worn in social life can easily carry the corona virus into homes. Therefore, while it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene and social distance rules, it is also beneficial to pay attention to the fabrics of clothes to be worn.

Corona virus in Cotton Fabrics

The study results revealed that the corona virus remains alive for 24 hours on 100% cotton fabrics. If clothes manufactured from cotton fabric are preferred, airing the clothes on the balcony or open area for 1 day without taking them indoors is among the measures that can be taken.

Corona virus in Polyester Fabrics

Among all fabrics, polyester fabrics provide best groundwork for the proliferation of the corona virus.  Polyester fabrics enable the corona virus to survive for 72 hours. Although this is quite a long time, researchers state that the spread of the Corona virus can be prevented if the clothes are washed at 67 degrees. Washing worn clothes directly in the machine without keeping them lying around in the laundry basket also prevents the spread of the epidemic in the house.

Does the Corona virus Choose a Fabric?

Research on the Covid-19 epidemic is still ongoing, and according to the latest research, the corona virus can survive in fabric types for different periods of time. It remains alive for 72 hours in polyester fabrics, 24 hours in cotton clothes, and 6 hours in polyester and cotton blended (hybrid) clothes. Although researchers state that all clothes should be washed at 67 degrees to avoid the epidemic, it is of great importance to choose fabric types when choosing clothes.


How Will the Corona virus Affect the Textile Industry?


The corona virus, which has had a negative impact on almost every sector, has also greatly affected the textile sector. While textile companies are starting to have difficulties selling cotton and polyester fabric outfits, they can hardly keep up with the demand for hybrid (cotton-polyester) fabric clothes. It is very important that we rearrange our wardrobes against the Corona virus, which will be among us for a while. You can get through this process more carefully and safely by choosing clothes manufactured from hybrid fabrics. You can wash and disinfect your clothes at a temperature of 67 degrees and above, regardless of the fabric you have  chosen.

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