Tamara Textile was established in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey as a knitted ready-made garment manufacturer. Main products we produce are jersey and light woven articles. (Tops, trousers, blouses, blazers, dresses) Tamara’s production capacity is designated as 75% women, 20% children and 5% men. We have great technic​al expertise including big size products. Tamara employs total of 400 workers and we are able to produce 300.000 pcs per month. Tamara is BSCI- audited and has SEDEX certificates.

In Holland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Spain we have our main customers. We have assigned sales persons in these countries who can provide services at the customer company home base but with the benefits of Turkey (fast) production. Potential customers from any country are very welcome and will be visited at their offices by one of our sales people if required.

We offer creative help in design and making customized programs by our local & international designers with long time experiences working with several customers in various (European) countries. We do co-creation or we can sample your own created design. Our designers visit international fairs and shopping cities frequently in order to keep up-to-date.

Tamara specializes in finely crafted tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, in various, different knit fabrics such as all types of jacquards, jersey, velvet/velour, pique, interlock, fleece, french terry, ponte, waffle and many others. Fabric blends consist of rayon, polyester, tencel, modal, cotton, nylon, linen, lurex, and others. Tamara uses finest yarns for its fabric production. 

Tamara has production facilities in 3 locations. Main office building in Istanbul has the headquarters, merchandising and design departments, sample room, testing, cut and sewn, packing/ironing, along with fabric & accessories warehouse. Our second location in Istanbul consists of cut and sewn facilities and packing/ironing. Our last location is located in eastern Turkey which has cut and sewn facilities and packing/ironing. Tamara distributes orders to its facilities based on the required lead times and quantities, hence providing on time deliveries with quality merchandise. In addition to our regular production lines, we have a special production line for orders that require fast turn arounds. Depending on style and fabrication, we are able to produce orders in stock fabric 1 to 2 weeks time. Tamara uses ERP system – securing consistency at every step of the process.

Sustainability | Organic & Recycled Products
Tamara puts great importance on sustainability. The company offers organic, recycled and recyclable products in addition to eco friendly packaging solutions for its customers. 

Another important subject of Tamara is social compliance. We have training programmes to our employees through their working conditions, justice and engagement.

Tamara takes pride in its product quality, ensuring the finest quality fabrics and workmanship. 

Tamara operates by standard price principle. Profit rates are fixed and transparent.