We are Tamara, We produce with care
Our Production Process
Rapid Line, which provides delivery in 2-3 weeks with stock fabric production

Tamara Textile produces with the option of hundreds of trendy fabrics. Tamara Textile, which has an R&D archive made from different compositions also has the fabric options of organic cotton, recycled polyester, modal, linen, polyamide, tencel.

High customer satisfaction involves the whole process of production. Tamara Textile's difference is felt in the process from the first contact to product delivery. Tamara Textile conducts productions of quality and high customer satisfaction with knowledge from its experiences as a brand. With its return rates well below the sector average; quality is always on the foreground at Tamara Textile.

At the three production facilities in total, with its headquarters in İstanbul, from design to sample production period; from cutting and sewing to packaging, all production stages are followed up studiously. In addition to regular production line; there is a fast production line called ''Rapid Line'' which enables loading in 2-3 weeks from stock fabrics. With developing technologies, digital transformation practices have started at Tamara Textile for systems that will enable customers to control production at all of its stages.


    With our designers who closely follow trends, we design collections in accordance with customer demands.


    We conduct production with the option of hundreds of trendy fabrics. We can reach delivery times of 2-3 weeks with our fast production line in case of moving forward with stock fabrics during the design stage.


    Right after the design approval, we create pre-production prototypes with our teams who have been specialized only in making samples.


    Right after the sample approval, we bring the products that have been prepared with cutting equipments using the latest technologies, to the sewing stage.


    Quality is always at the foreground at Tamara Textile. After conducting the necessary checks from our expert teams, the products move to the loading stage.


    After your orders are ironed and packaged, the delivery phase starts. They are transported to you via airline or land route as per your wish.

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