We are Tamara, We produce with care

Tamara Textile, which was founded in 1999 and centered in İstanbul, produces knitted ready-made clothing. Tamara Textile is a leading private label company for international retailers. Tamara Textile has specialized in detailed and special collection groups, as well as in basic patterns such as blouse, dress, trousers, t-shirt, skirt, sweatshirt. It produces these product groups with the companies own brand tags in different types of fabric. Tamara Textile, which has the production capacity of 300.000 pieces per month, has BSCI, SEDEX social compliance rules, GOTS, RCS certificates and is included in the BCI system.


Tamara Textile, which aims to produce the newest and the most fashionable, offers creative solutions with its perspective that is being improved and transformed in parallel with the developments in the world to its customers in order to differentiate it from competitors. Tamara Textile produces collections for fashion brands in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and England with its design teams who closely follow the fashion trends in the world.


The design teams in England and sales teams in other countries where it operates, enables Tamara Textile to understand its customers better and conduct fast returns.

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